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Stefano Savini
Мужчина Пол
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Италия Страна
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Родные языки: Italian
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Контактная информация
Название компании: Freelance
Адрес: Milan, Italy, 20092, Италия
Мобильный телефон: +39 3470359021
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Общие сведения

I'm a Certified/Sworn Translator for English, Spanish and Portuguese/Brazilian at Camera di Commercio and Courthouse of Milan, registration n° 3192.

7 years of experience, actually collaborating with different agencies in various fields (Localization, Legal, Fashion, Engineering, Literature, Sport & Leisure, Tourism & Travel, Health, Media, Gaming, Culinary etc.)



2014 USA:

worked for a Localization company called Local Concept (direct contact with the CEO Michael Cardenas)

Italian section as Project Coordinator collaborating with multinational firms as

PADI SCUBA DIVERS (2014 Italian DVD) and RAI INTERNATIONAL for translation, voiceover, editing and subtitling.



2016 SPAIN:

Collaboration with Project Manager Ms. Idoia Negro Lasarte, "On the Spot Languages" of Bilbao for the translation, from Spanish to Italian, of the novel "Amar en un laberinto de muerte" on behalf of the writer Sonia Castro.I have

English classes for International students (most of them Spanish) while i was studying Castellano.



2017 BRAZIL:

i lived in Belo Horizonte, where i have part of my relatives, frequenting the SENAI professional institute (Faculdade de Tecnologia), collaborating with the

Responsible Rosane Nogueira Gonçalves (Unidade CETEL César Rodrigues). In addition i gave Italian language classes to privates.

Actually collaborating with Brazilian agencies for the process of Italian nationality for Brazilian people having Italian roots.Translation of civil documents (Marriage, Birth, Death) and afterward i assist them personally in Italy.