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№540058633. Переводчик Mayra Alejandra Barrios Ortiz.

Mayra Alejandra Barrios Ortiz
Женщина Пол
Переводчик Тип членства
Колумбия Страна
Местное время: 01:34 (GMT-5)
Родные языки: Spanish
Ключевые слова:

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Общие сведения

I hold a Degree in International Busines and I have studied English for the last 10 years in a certified institute, when I finished my studies I got prepared and presented the IELTS Exam to certificate my B2 level. For the last seven months I have been working for a company called Vanan Online Services, located in the U.S.. Besides that I have a basic level of Portuguese acquired by self-teaching and jointed to a short trip to Brazil. In my current position as a freelance translator I translate documents from English to Spanish, Portuguese to English and vice versa, I use to translate academic thesis, official and legal documents, diplomas and other certificates.

I have a native fluency in reading writing and speaking the Spanish and a good qualification in English. I have a firm grasp of the Spanish and English languages with an understanding of proper sentence structure grammar rules and vocabulary. Clients have raved about my proficiency in accurate and efficient translation. It would be a thrilled to bring my talents to your organization as your newest Translator.

Due to my business-related career I can handle documents related to economic and legal issues, so this can be an advantage for you. I have confidence that I am an outstanding candidate for your Translator position and hope that you will contact me soon by telephone or email. I am sure you will find my cv to be an excellent reflection of my skills. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.