Medical translation is considered one of the most difficult. At the same time, the necessity for it occurs quite often. It is important to find a translator who can deal with the task accurately, quickly and inexpensively. Turning to a freelance author or to a translation bureau, the customer risks spending funds and not obtaining the desired result. Payment is made before the beginning of work, respectively, after that the customer is enforced to use the provided translation. He does not have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the style and competence of the translator prior to the start of the cooperation. For medical translation it is very important to pay attention.

Medical Translation: Definition and Features

Medical translation is a very demanded service, especially if it is performed by high-level professionals. It provides an opportunity for medical practitioners to get acquainted with new information from reports of foreign colleagues, to learn the results of research on various drugs, to study instructions for medical equipment. Patients are more interested in the clinical record content or documents issued by Western clinics. In any case, a specialist who will perform the medical translation as accurately as possible will be required.

Reasons for Refusal of Medical Translation

Medical documents are often written manually, and only the lazy did not joke about the incomprehensible handwriting of doctors. Also such tasks are usually urgent. Medical information is rapidly losing its relevance. Not every translator is able to perform translation quickly without losing quality.

Peculiarities of Medical Translation

Medical texts contain a large number of special terms, reductions, abbreviations. This makes the task of the translator much more complex. For example, a blood test in English may sound like a blood test and blood analysis. But in fact, in English-language medicine, this manipulation is called Complete Blood Count and is denoted by the abbreviation CBC. This information is not included in the ordinary dictionaries, and only experienced translators know it.

The presence of Latin terms in the text may puzzle a common translator. Therefore at least superficial knowledge of the dead language is required.

Inaccurate translation can lead to serious consequences for the customer. In medicine, even a small error is fraught with improper treatment and, as a result, an aggravation of a patient’s symptoms.

Trust Us

TranslatorsAuction is a unique service where customers can find suitable specialists. The platform considerably facilitates interaction between the two sides. It is enough only to place an order, and the platform will complete the rest automatically.

To find a really excellent translator the service provides a free test task to compete and discuss with other applicants for the order. Thus, the customer chooses exactly the translator whose text does not contain errors. Usually, a proofreader is hired at a translation bureau to check the result, whereas on this internet-platform dozens of specialists subtract the text and immediately give feedback.

In addition, the price of a medical translation pleasantly surprises customers. The cost of this service in the translation company is quite high. Here you can regulate it yourself.

We have no problem finding a translator in any language pair. Even the most exotic orders usually do not remain unanswered.

You can translate by TranslatorsAuction:

  • clinical drugs trials;
  • licenses;
  • medical reports;
  • scientific articles;
  • clinical records;
  • instructions for drugs and medical equipment;
  • medical certificates.

Our Features

Speed! The customer sets the deadline of the order and may choose to cooperate with several translators at the same time. This significantly speeds up the work process.

Pre-order! Future order placement is available. You can give the test in advance and select the right performer even before submitting the main order.

Thrift! The customer can choose the best cost of medical translation.

Technical Aspects of Cooperation with Translators

We have a convenient registration procedure for both customers and performers. It takes up to two minutes to create a login account. Then you can place and take orders, watch information about performers and fully use the capabilities of the service.

The platform allows performers to get rid of the exhausting job search procedure, and customers to order high-quality medical translation without much effort and overpayment. And most importantly, quickly find a really good translator.


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