How to choose a translation agency: step-by-step guide

The TranslatorAuction website is an easy-to-use Internet platform where you can find a translator for your order on terms of a contest. All translators on the site are ranked according to the rating scores. There is also a very convenient filter for finding freelance translators with the following settings: source language, target language, native language, country of residence and other criteria, with the fine tuned search in the form of opening lists with checkboxes.

Who can place an order for free?

Any registered user of the website can place a free order. The registration process is simple and won't take you much time. You will always have the option to make changes or add information to your profile.

How do I place an order?

Fill in the appropriate fields on the order page. When placing an order, give a brief description of what you need to translate, and describe the requirements for freelance translators, their qualifications and experience. Finally, to assess the quality of a future translation piece, you can add a test assignment to the order page.

Why, when creating an order with a test assignment, I can't enter values ​​less than 24 hours for the translation of the test task, and 24 hours for its assessment?

So that translators from different time zones would have equal opportunities to apply for your order.

What do the "Future order" or "Current order" mean?

"Future" implies that the customer is looking for a potential performer to translate future orders, that is, an order or orders will be provided to the selected performer after a while. "Current" assumes that the performer will receive the order immediately.

Why is it not possible for me to filter translators by their native languages?

The corresponding field will appear in the filter only after you select the language pair.

Who asseses the translation quality of a test assignment?

All the translators who want to fulfill your order, except for you, assess the quality of translation of your test assignment, for which they receive additional points to their rating on the site.

Where can I see how the freelance translators' rating points are counted on the site?

Click on the rating points in the translator's profile.

Where on the site can I view everything related to my translation orders?

On your profile page, in the "Order activity" section.

Who can I share feedback with?

Only with the translator you selected as a performer of your order.

When can I receive or leave feedback/review?

In time not later than 30 days, starting from the moment of order execution which you set when placing an order.

Will I receive a reminder to my e-mail about the need to select a performer of my order or leave feedback/review for the freelance translator without extra settings?


How do I disable the mailing of new order messages to my E-MAIL?

You need to click the "Send notifications" button on the "Find order" page. There you can also make additional settings for sending messages about new orders.

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