The Cases when Telephone Negotiations Translation is required

Перевод Конференций и Телефонных разговоровTelephone conversations translation is necessary in case of holding conferences, business discussions, consultations, lectures, seminars, social debates, personal meetings, etc.

When choosing the translator, it is necessary to discuss a field of customer’s business as for the qualified interpretation of negotiations it is violent that the translator has significant experience in it. In addition, the customer as possible provides the translator materials of the forthcoming conversation.

Due to the increasing role of messengers, negotiations often are held by Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and other analogs. It allows increasing the number of negotiators. The translator can require basic knowledge of the use of the program chosen by the customer.

Features of Conferences and Telephone Conversations Interpretation

Interpretation differs in high complexity, the concentration of attention, constant readiness for unexpected change of the subject, ability to quickly give a shot. Perfect knowledge of the target language is necessary.

Most often at the phone the consecutive interpretation, at which the translation is given after the end of each participant’s remark, is used. It is also possible to use simultaneous interpretation, at which the translator along with obtaining information in original language makes its translation on the target language. At telephone and video negotiations simultaneous interpretation will require the special equipment.

For high-quality translation it is necessary to provide technical equipment and conditions: to get rid of extraneous noises, the possibility of break; to have reserve option, to accurately observe timing, especially in case of participants from different time zones, etc.

Requirements for Telephone Negotiations Translation

  • Knowledge of the subject terminology, extensive lexicon; accuracy, high speed of the translation, a competent clear statement without distortions of meaning.
  • Ability to understand intonational features, adapt to participants’ tempo of speech, model phrases in case of poor audibility.
  • Observance of privacy policy upon the demand of the customer

and other requirements suitable for the customer and translator.

Methods of carrying out Telephone and Video Interpreting

  • Negotiating in the online conference mode with the participation of the translator.
  • A personal meeting of negotiators with joining of the translator by phone or video conference during all conversation or in particular time.
  • The translator's presence on the territory of the customer and further implementation of a conversation on a public address system

and other options suitable for the customer and translator.

Requirements to the Translator

Translation of telephone negotiations has to be carried out by certified linguists, desirably the native speakers of the target language and experienced in the field of customer’s business. The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

The Advantages of the TranslatorsAuction Internet-platform

The website represents more than the translators exchange on a competitive basis. It provides the unique opportunity to conduct the ruled auction: preliminary testing, cross assessment by potential authors the works of the other applicants, ranging the results of the tests according to the points gained by "blind" assessment. The conditions allow the customer to choose the option, which is the most suitable for his requirements in compliance with the ratio suggested price – points of the general rating.

Detailed information about the possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».