How to submit a translation request: step-by-step instructions

Who can apply for translation?

An application for translation can be submitted by any translator registered on the site. The registration process is simple and won't take you much time. You can make changes or add information to your profile at any time.

How can I take a test and apply for the order?

You need to click the "APPLY NOW" button on the page with the order.

Why don't I or anyone else see a page with my profile on the translators search page?

That's because you didn't enter your language pairs and your native language and didn't click "Save" on your profile page.

How does the translation of test assignments benefit me?

It gives additional points to your profile on the site, which allows you to rank higher on the translators search page.

Who assesses the translation quality of test assignments?

All translators claiming to receive a translation order.

Can I see who else performed the test translation before summing up the results?


Where can I see how points of translators rating and the general score for the test are calculated?

Click on the points in your profile.

What do the "Future order" or "Current order" mean?

"Future order" implies that the customer is looking for a potential performer to translate future orders, that is, an order or orders will be provided to the selected performer after a while. "Current order" assumes that the performer will receive the order immediately.

Why is it not possible for me to filter translators by their native languages?

The corresponding field in the filter will appear only after you select the language pair.

Is the translation of my test assignment saved on the site of your Translation company?

Yes. Translation of all your test assignments is saved on your profile page.

Where on the site can I view everything related to my translation orders?

On your profile page, in the "Translation activity" section.

Do they consider how much time I spent translating a test assignment?


When should I perform a test translation?

Within the time period specified by the customer, which can't be less than 24 hours.

When can I evalute other translators' tests?

Within the time period specified by the customer, which can't be less than 24 hours.

When can I apply for an order with a test assignment?

Only after assessing the tests of other translators.

Who can I share feedback with?

Only with the customer who selected you as a performer of their order.

When can I receive or leave feedback/review?

Translation company provides 30 days from the starting time for order fulfillment, which the customer set in their order.

Will I get reminders coming to my e-mail about the need to assess other transaltors' tests or leave feedback/review to the customer?


How do I disable mailing of new order messages to my E-MAIL?

You need to click the "Send notifications" button on the "Find order" page. There you can also find additional settings for sending messages about new orders.

In what cases does the website administration have the right to block the page of my profile?

  • In case of using online translators for test translation.
  • In case of systematic unfair determination of the best test among colleagues.

How a customer chooses a translator, see here.