How to choose a translation agency for your order?

How to choose a translation agency if several agencies respond to your order? You always want to receive the best quality services without overpaying unnecessarily. Registering on the TranslatorsAuction platform allows you to find the best translation agency at the lowest prices in a short period of time. Below, we will tell you how to avoid falling for advertising tricks and choose a truly worthwhile contractor with reasonable prices.

How to choose a translation agency: three unique recommendations

The work of writing an original document and translating it is not too different: both require the author to have not only a very good knowledge of the language and topic but also, often, literary skills and artistic abilities. It is well known that a translation from a non-native language into a native language will certainly turn out to be more accurate, as it is much easier to understand a thought written in a foreign language and express it in one's own native language. In this regard, there are three recommendations for those customers who want to choose a truly professional translation company and receive quality work:


  1. Give preference to translators who are native speakers of the target language or have a sufficiently high level of proficiency in it.
  2. Provide the translation company or direct translator with a test assignment (this can be an excerpt of your order), and then ask another native speaker of the target language to evaluate the translation of this test.
  3. It is even better if the translation of your test assignment and the cross-evaluation of its quality are done by as many translators as possible, for whom the target language is their native language (or has already become one).

You can do all this on this site.

You can choose the best translation company almost immediately after you publish your order

The process of publishing an order is simple and won’t take you much time. In your order, you can specify the maximum price you are willing to pay for the translation or set the “Open” price, that is, without a maximum limit. When the time you set for translating and assessing the tests expires, you will get the result as a summary table. You can view it on your profile page in the "Order activity" section. There, all translators who claim to receive your translation order will be ranked according to the overall assessment for the test translation. Next to the assessment, you will see the price offered by the translators, the time they spent for translating the test, as well as their total rating and % of positive feedback for the previous work. You can compare these criteria and select the best performer.

Таблица с результатами предложений переводчиков

Extra Functions of translation services on TranslatorsAuction site

If you are a translator yourself, then right here in the table you have an option to open any test and put your score by clicking the corresponding number of stars. This score will also be visible on the "Translator profile" and "Find a translator" pages. If you want the translators you like to be at the top of all translators on the "Find a translator" page, then click the "Favorites".


Now you know how to find an expert translator and suitable translation services for a reasonable price, even if you don’t know the target language and you don’t have any friends among native speakers. You can check answers to all other questions that might arise when placing a translation order on the «How to place an order» page.