The Largest International Translation Agencies

The distinctive feature of the translation agency is a personal approach to the choice of the performer. Frequently, the selection is conducted by the professional manager. However, an opportunity to grant to the customer option can serve as a significant improvement of the process, having left the function of the curator monitoring observance of requirements execution and quality of the order for the manager. To find out what type of interaction is most effective, it is necessary to analyze features of the largest international translation agencies for 2018.

Ranging the companies on average annual revenue, leaders are the international translation agencies ABBYY LS/Traktat United Company, Janus Worldwide and Logrus Global. The interface of the agencies’ websites is complicated, but the main goal is safety.

  • ABBYY LS/Traktat United Company. The company is founded in 2001 and is the leader in translation services sector, turning $19 million per year (1st place). Translator staff consists of over 60 thousand people. The translation agency ABBYY carries out both individual and corporate orders, monthly monitoring.

The functionality allows to work with self-training translation bases, dictionaries, recognize handwriting and apply other modern technologies. The agency uses its own developments on quality control, in particular, a control system with stages of an automatic check. Nevertheless, personal correction and updating of the ready text allow to keep completely original meaning. The technical support works 24 hours.

During 15 years of existence, translation agency ABBYY participated in the preparation of 600 000 projects. The main office is located in the USA. The cost of services is estimated at approximately $20 for the standard printing page. It includes translation, interpretation, apostilization, localization of content, notarized translation, printing of the ready text according to requirements of the customer, etc.

ABBYY LS/Traktat United Company .

  • Janus Worldwide. The company is founded in 1996 and takes place in the ten largest international translation platforms. Performers can have the status of the non-staff translator; in this case the choice of the customer is carried out on his personal discretion. Monthly monitoring of clients is obligatory.

Own developments of the Global Technology platform allow increasing transparency of the mechanism of interaction between customers and performers. Improvements are constantly brought in the process of automation of primary translation – in particular, the Topicator and the TermCheck. Quality management conforms to standards for translators and linguists ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17100:2015-05 and ISO 13611:2014-12. The technical support works 24 hours.

Janus Worldwide is located in 12 countries; the scope of transfers is very extensive. Service prices vary depending on the target language, complexity and urgency, etc.

Janus Worldwide

  • Logrus Global. The company is founded in 1993, carries out broad coverage of consumers worldwide: USA, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia. Corporate clients of translation agency Logrus are Samsung, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Yandex, 1C, BMW, Rolls-Royce, IDC, etc. The main specialization includes localization and adaptation of websites, software translation, technical translation, legal translation, marketing documentation, SEO-content, advertising brochures, etc.

The functionality is presented by a large number of own developments in partnership with the leading international companies SAP, Oracle, Microsoft. The key moment is the creation of a unique control and security systems. The cost of translation is estimated at approximately $20 for the standard printing page.

Logrus Global

  • Already more than fifteen years Palex Company offers services in technical, financial, legal, business translation and localization to large and small enterprises of the whole world. Three offices, more than 100 permanent members of staff and 700 non-staff, 75 language pairs and over 20 million translated words a year — such is the company in figures. It has its own control system of projects, licenses and certificates: «Ethical translator code», ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2015. The cost of services varies from $15 to $20 per page.

Palex Company

Specialized International Translation Agencies

Some professional specialized translation agencies have shortly gained popularity from the start up to the huge company. For instance, Localization Guru provides translations and websites localization and adaptation, mobile apps translation, advertising brochures, etc., up to the technical documentation and narrow subjects of translations. The service is delivered through an online platform with 24-hours access and on the spot quotations and time of delivery. It was founded in 2015 and nowadays grew to revenues of more than €150 000. Localization Guru helps companies simplify the translation workflow.

Localization Guru Another example is Rev Translation Agency, which provides premium on-demand transcription, closed-caption and processes more audio and video every year than any other translation agency. The cost is just $1 per audio minute, guarantee maximum accuracy. Rev translation bureau has the fastest turnaround on the market of translation services.

Rev Translation Agency

Advantages of Translation Agency TranslatorsAuction

The unique feature of this platform is the possibility of the auction for performers. At the same time, the expanded functionality promotes a significant increase in the objectivity of rates and justice of applicants’ resulting rating. A key parameter is preliminary testing before implementation of the order. During the test, all participants independently estimate anonymous results of each other. 
Use of TranslatorsAuction translation bureau services may optimize financial expenses and lower time of the search of the qualitative professional translator for the required specifics of the order. 

Mechanism of Interaction between Customers and Performers at Translation Agency TranslatorsAuction

Anonymous «blind» testing represents a technique of applicants rating, unique in comparison with other agencies. 

After testing (paid or free of charge) participants vote for the best translation. Assessment is an indispensable condition of testing. After summation of results, applicants get rating points according to the chosen option, as follows:

  • At coincidence of the option selected by the participant with the best by results of the vote, he gets 5 points.
  • At discrepancy, 1 point is charged to the applicant for participation in testing.

Thus, authors need to provide for an increase in their own rating not only qualitatively executed translation but also objectively estimate works of other participants.

The final choice of the customer can be based both on a total assessment of participants and on own preferences in price, the current rating of the author, personal information of the author (responses, a portfolio, etc.) and personal experience of work with this performer.

The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

Detailed information about the possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».