Brochures and Booklets Translation

Brochures and Booklets Translations

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For business promotion, the company has to pursue competent advertising and presentation policy. If the company plans to enter foreign sales markets and opens branches abroad, the brochures and booklets translation informing clients and partners on the activity of the company on a foreign language is primary.

Advertising and Information Brochures Translation has to be competent both from the point of standards of language and marketing positions. The distinctive feature of the advertising materials translation is need of their adaptation to cultural features, mentality and relevant trends for the foreign target audience.

What represents Brochure

The terms «brochure» and «booklet» are often considered as synonyms. However, from the formal point, they differ according to both design and contents. In foreign practice brochure most often means the one-page leaflet with advertising or information content which can contain the company’s data with a list of its services, promotions and special offers, events, etc. Restaurant Advertisement with the short promotional menu can be an example of the brochure.

What represents Booklet

Booklet represents the informational selling publication, which can be issued in a format of the book or magazine. As a rule, it contains the more detailed description of the firm’s products or services, the crucial information on a particular subject for a target audience. In the booklets, contrary to brochures, advertising content may be absent. The tourist guide can be an example of the booklet.

The main difference between the brochure and the booklet is the number of pages. The essential attribute of any booklet or brochure is the contact information about firm for receiving the feedback from the potential client or the partner.

The Cases when Brochures and Booklets Translation is required

The translation of brochures, booklets, catalogs and other forms of promotional products of the company is the most widespread at the entry of the firm into foreign sales markets. Success at the promotion of goods and services in the international markets during the work with foreign customers directly depends on the quality of the executed translation of these promotional products. In addition, brochures translation is required for the involvement of international partners and investors.

Localization and Adaptation of Brochures Translation

Advertising texts translation has the distinctive features, proceeding from specifics of the marketing strategy, the concept and terminology accepted in the different countries.

Localization generally represents the adaptation of the text to cultural features and mentality of the country which citizens are the target audience for the translation. Frequently, the translation differs from the original, part of the information eliminates during the translation. For carrying out competent localization, it is necessary to translate precisely the loans and terms, maintain style features of the original and eliminate mistakes and typos.

Therefore, for the successful accomplishment of the brochure translation order, the translator has to be qualified in the sphere of marketing, and it is desirable to be the native speaker.

Advertising Brochures Translation

During the translation of advertising brochures, it is necessary to have knowledge of the article’s subject, have promotion skills, understand semantic cliches, idioms, nominal expressions, the professional terminology, the accepted reductions for both languages.

Advertising brochures translation should not be literal. In some cases that can be either inefficient or lead to a failure of all advertising campaign. For instance, the Clairol company came to grief in the German market at the expense of a double word meaning of Mist («fog» and «manure») included in the slogan for a new line of deodorants.

Also, you have to pay attention to the formatting of the document, in accuracy repeating the original. It is caused by the fact that for the brochure or the booklet the crucial role is played by a presentation. The translation quality significantly increases by the right formatting.

Information Brochures Translation

Information brochure represents the useful content directed to the acquaintance with a topic and a subject of the brochure. The main difference from the advertising brochure is a lack of an appeal to purchase in the text. The primary goal of the information brochure translation is to achieve full semantic compliance without discrepancies. Therefore, during the information brochures translation experience on the subject of materials of the brochure is necessary.

Requirements to the Translator

The translation of brochures, booklets and other advertising and information materials has to be carried out only by certified specialists in the field of linguistics, marketing and the subject of the customer’s firm. The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

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