Top Freelance Websites For Translators

The great demand for translation services generates the need for creation of the mechanism, connecting customers and performers face to face. Freelance exchange, unlike translation agency, gives an opportunity of personal contacts and guarantees lack of an overpayment for intermediaries. Despite the identical purpose, implementers of this process differ in a variety of forms.

Among the most popular universal freelance exchanges special attention should be paid on the following:

  • The most widespread and wide-profile international freelance platform. Strict internal control of service quality, rates aren’t overestimated.

Freelancer exchange

  • Upwork. Formed by the combination of Elance and Odesk Internet-platforms. The distinctive feature is high-quality technical maintenance.

Freelancer exchange

Professional Freelance Exchanges

Among the narrowly specialized freelance exchanges abroad, translation platform is most widely adopted. A large number of orders comes from foreign translation agencies; professional translators from all around the world use services of this exchange. That allows easily to choose the required expert.

The technical functionality of the freelance platform is presented by high-quality mechanisms of transaction protection. There is also an opportunity to contact the customer directly, pass different trainings, create mini-website, etc. For access to the exchange, it is necessary to confirm the education level of the applicant both by certificates and testing.

Freelancer exchange

At entry to the international market, it is worth paying attention to the freelance exchange TranslatorsCafe, which has similar technical capabilities. However, the graphical interface is more convenient and simple.

Freelancer exchange

Besides exist some foreign freelance exchanges which are partially carrying out a role of translation agency (assessment translation quality, personal managers, etc.). The most widespread of them are One Hour Translation 

Freelancer exchange

and Gengo which key feature is decrease in rates in comparison with translation agency due to the freelance mechanism.

Freelancer exchange

Advantages of the freelance exchange TranslatorsAuction

The unique feature of this platform is the possibility of the auction for performers. At the same time, the expanded functionality promotes a significant increase in the objectivity of rates and justice of applicants’ resulting rating. A key parameter is preliminary testing before implementation of the order. During the test, all participants independently estimate anonymous results of each other. 
Use of TranslatorsAuction exchange services may optimize financial expenses and lower time of the search of the qualitative professional translator for the required specifics of the order. 

Mechanism of interaction between customers and performers at the freelance exchange TranslatorsAuction

Anonymous «blind» testing represents a technique of applicants rating, unique in comparison with other exchanges. 

After testing (paid or free of charge) participants vote for the best translation. Assessment is an indispensable condition of testing. After summation of results, applicants get rating points according to the chosen option, as follows:

  • At coincidence of the option selected by the participant with the best by results of the vote, he gets 5 points.

  • At discrepancy, 1 point is charged to the applicant for participation in testing.

Thus, authors need to provide for an increase in their own rating not only qualitatively executed translation but also objectively estimate works of other participants.

The final choice of the customer can be based both on a total assessment of participants and on own preferences in price, the current rating of the author, personal information of the author (responses, a portfolio, etc.) and personal experience of work with this performer.

The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

Detailed information about the possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».