The Cases when Accounting Documents Translation is required

Accounting items translationDepending on the standards adopted in the country of the translation, it is necessary at assessment of investment activities, at entry of the company into the international market and at the transfer of the reporting in the international format both for private and state companies in the fields of construction, transport, power, insurance, etc.

Before the translation, it is necessary to coordinate with the customer the necessity of the notarial translation, the apostille translation and other requirements for further assurance of documentation.

Features of Balance Sheet and Annual Reports Translation

Requirements to the accounting reports translation are based on the following features:

  • Observance of legally, economically and financially competent terminology, abbreviations, set expressions.
  • Adaptation in case literal translation incorrectly reflects reality.
  • Lack of typos, mistakes, ambiguities of interpretation.
  • Observance of the form and structure of the original, including at the translation of tables, numerical data.

At the translation, it is necessary to be guided by the requirements of the international and state legislation of the target countries.

Types of Accounting Reports Translation

The main widespread types of accounting reports translation are balance sheet translation, profit and loss statement translation, cash flow statement translation and audit reports translation.

In the international practice, annual reports are disclosed by the companies for the assessment of their financial state, solvency and efficiency of commercial activity. In some countries the contents of the annual reporting are legislatively established; at translating it is necessary to be guided by the state accounting standards.

Requirements to the Translator

Accounting translation has to be executed only by certified specialists, taking into account economic, legal, financial and other accompanying standards. The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100, ISO 9001-2015 and European standard EN 15038.

The Advantages of the TranslatorsAuction Internet-platform

The website represents more than the translators exchange on a competitive basis. It provides the unique opportunity to conduct the ruled auction: preliminary testing, cross assessment by potential authors the works of the other applicants, ranging the results of the tests according to the points gained by "blind" assessment. The conditions allow the customer to choose the option, which is the most suitable for his requirements in compliance with the ratio suggested price – points of the general rating.

Detailed information about the possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».