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Multilingual Websites Translation

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In the Global World Wide Web, there is a possibility to find nearly everything. However, the problem is to find up-to-date information. For this purpose, there are websites with offers of goods and services on various subjects. Websites Translation on a foreign language allows involving a considerable number of foreign clients in the cooperation process, helps to upgrade the rating of the website, its attendance and profitability. For the competent translation of pages, it is necessary to consider the target audience of the website, features of business culture in various countries and many other things.

Websites Basic Terms

The website (the site) represents a set of pages of the internet-resource, connected and integrated by the common domain.

The web page (the page of the website) provides all content (including graphic, video and audio content) which appears on the screen after the requested transfer. Pages names are reflected in a browser address line; each page has the unique address.

Web pages of the website are usually displayed in a certain hierarchical order and are stored by the general root URL-address that corresponds to the «Home Page» of the site. Cross hyperlinks on pages and other types of navigation (dropping-out windows, active buttons, feedback chats, etc.) also create a positive perception of the main structure of the website and advance of the traffic through its components.

The web server represents the software to maintain the functioning of the database for the website.

Websites can design and maintain their functionality both private and legal entities (firms, enterprises of private and state type, etc.).

The Cases when Websites Translation is required

Websites translation is necessary for expansion and globalization of the firm, in case of opening the new branch of the company abroad. Before translating it is essential to specify the target audience for high-quality adaptation to language features of the country.

Steps of Websites Translation

The sites translation includes both linguistic and technical components.

For competent translation of the content and the idea of the website, it is necessary to carry out the following steps:

  • Analyze the text and reveal the meta-tags, which are responsible for the integrity of the file.
  • Create the base of terms and keywords for the pages of the website.
  • Reveal and approve with the customer the elements of the original content that needs a translator’s adaptation according to mental features of the foreign target audience.
  • Localize graphic elements with the original formatting of the image.
  • Provide compliance to the structure of the original in case of changing of the text length and other parameters.
  • Carry out editing and updating by the specialized software.


Website Localization and Keywords Translation

Website Localization generally represents the adaptation of the website content to the mental features, culture preferences, psychology and structure of marketing of the country, which is the target audience for the translation. As a rule, the translation differs from the original, part of the information eliminates during the translation. Therefore, for the successful accomplishment of the website translation order, the translator has to be also qualified in the sphere of marketing, and it is desirable to be the native speaker.

In particular, localization represents the translation of the text on graphic elements and the subsequent editing images.

At last, one of the translation quality key indicators is the ability of the translator to pick up correctly and successfully the keywords and meta-tags translation on pages of the website. Frequently the literal dictionary translation can worsen statistics of sales and decrease the indexing by existing irrelevant and inexact tags.

Requirements to the Translator

The translation of websites and separate Internet-content has to be carried out only by certified specialists in the field of linguistics, information technologies and marketing. Without any experience in these spheres, it is impossible to build the translation system or the localization of graphic content competently. The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

The Advantages of the TranslatorsAuction Internet-platform

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