TranslatorsAuction is an easy-to-use online platform with an optimized mechanism for selecting translation agencies and freelance translators.

You can get any kind of translation service here.

The platform uses an auction-style process to select translation agencies and freelance translators specializing in various fields: interpretation, translation, copyrighting, or rewriting of highly specific or generic content. You can choose to require service providers to complete preliminary testing, in which they receive a “blind” rating from other translators.

In addition to considering positive feedback and ratings for previously completed test translations, customers can create an unpaid or paid test task to select a suitable service provider based on an auction.

There are three options for placing orders:

  1. With no test task. In this case, selection is based on personal preference or the current rating.
  2. With an unpaid test task that applicants must perform.
  3. With a paid test task. This option helps attract a sufficient pool of applicants to quickly and effectively implement the selection process.

An auction with testing lets you compare an applicant’s current rating with the quality of the submitted test translation and identify service providers who specialize in precisely the topics that are relevant for the order. For translators offering their services on the platform, performing these auction translations can be the key to getting orders or increasing their rating.

To complete a test task, a candidate service provider submits a test translation in accordance with the customer’s instructions, and must also evaluate the quality of the test translations submitted by other applicants. The element of competition is eliminated by the fact that the process is “blind” and there is motivation to provide fair assessments: the translator does not see information about the other applicants and, regardless of the test results, can significantly increase his or her rating by giving objective assessments of the other applicants. Points for assigning a particular score to an applicant are awarded based on the number of translators who assigned that score. Additionally, the rating of translators who participate in testing increases when they receive positive ratings from colleagues and customers.

Key features of TranslatorsAuction

  • An unlimited number of translation agencies and freelance translators
  • Simple account registration
  • Different information is available depending on the account type
  • Highly informative profiles
  • Expertise across an extensive list of topics

Learn how to choose a translation agency or freelance translator here.

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