Document translation services are one of the most frequently requested services offered by translation agencies. You may need them when applying for a visa or passport, registering property rights, and in many other scenarios. But sometimes it can be a challenge to find a quality translator. The process can take several days, but you might a notarized translation urgently. That means everyone with foresight should have the contact information of people who can quickly translate a document.

Who might need a notarized translation of documents?

Unsurprisingly, people submitting applications to a foreign embassy or diplomatic mission commonly need document translations. They are typically seeking a visa, residence permit, or other documents required to travel abroad. However, this is far from the only reason why people turn to translation agencies. Notarized translations may also be required when:

  • registering for a passport or changing citizenship
  • enrolling in a foreign university
  • beginning employment at a foreign company
  • registering a marriage to a foreign citizen
  • traveling for medical treatment
  • registering a company abroad
  • registering an inheritance or other property rights
  • litigating
  • traveling abroad with a child, etc.

A notarized translation is required because in CIS countries most of documents are issued in the national language. Only occasionally do they present information bilingually, for example, in both Russian and English. This applies to passports, driver’s licenses, and certain other personal documents. However, foreign organizations often demand a very large set of documents that may not meet local standards. An apostilled translation is the only way to confirm the legitimacy of the provided documents. An apostille looks like this:

Document Translation Services

What makes professional document translation services different?

Document translation services are rigorously demanding. They require close attention to every detail. The translator must be aware of many nuances and subtleties, including:

  • special rules for the translation of first and last names, positions, titles, and other regalia
  • rules for transliteration and translation of proper names
  • acronyms, abbreviations, and what they mean
  • jargon, set expressions
  • how to properly apostille a document
  • the meaning of clerical stamps, seals, postal details, etc.

Unlike other types of translation, a notarized document translation must be as accurate as possible. Even the slightest inaccuracies or mistakes are unacceptable. That’s why fast document translations into Spanish and other languages should be trusted only to professionals. This work should not be handed over to beginners with insufficient work experience. For large documents, the work should be assigned to a group of translators. Especially if time constraints require a turnaround time of just a few hours.

Where to get document translation services?

Only a translation agency with a large team of translators can properly account for all the special features of document translation. But not every city has a local company that provides professional translations. Not every translator will accept an urgent job or be able to translate a document for, for example, the British Embassy in Berlin. As a result, most people look online to find a translation agency.

But finding a translation agency on the web is not easy. Some firms specialize in just one region or country. Others charge too much. Others cannot affix an apostille or do not offer notarized translations. What’s more, few agencies have a sufficient number of translators to quickly cope with a large order. All this puts you into a position where you must consistently analyze lots of offers before choosing a translator.

Translators Auction is designed to deal effectively with this and other challenges. Our website is a universal platform where anyone can find a suitable translator in a couple of minutes. We have created a huge database of specialists from different countries who can provide reliable translations of documents of any type. For example:

  • patents;
  • marriage certificates, birth certificates and death certificates
  • certificates and licenses
  • powers of attorney
  • statements, court decisions
  • deeds and titles
  • agreements, memoranda, reports, and other business documents
  • authorization to travel with children, etc.

To find translators, use our convenient search form. You specify all the order details, such as the type of translation, price, deadline, etc. You can read detailed instructions on how to find translators here.

Document translation services: advantages offered by Translators Auction

Translators Auction enjoys immense popularity because it is the most advanced way to find translators. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to order an inexpensive high-quality translation, because you don’t even need to leave your home. Our large pool of specialists lets you to choose a translator with the necessary experience and qualifications. And our translation prices are very affordable thanks to remote working and strong competition. Additionally, with your first order, you can request a free translation of up to 210 words. Based on a blind cross-evaluation of this test by each translator vying for your translation order, the system automatically selects the best candidate. You can order almost any translation-related service from us. For example:

For regular customers, Translators Auction offers flexible discounts. Every client is guaranteed to receive a quality translation, personal attention, and support. Our translators work 24/7, so you can order a translation right now.


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