The Cases when Agreements Translation is required

Agreement Translation

The translation of agreements is necessary at the entry of the firm into foreign sales markets. It can be carried out both for commercial and for private purposes. Existence of the assured translation is crucial at the settlement of trials in case of disagreements. Therefore, the high translation quality and lack of semantic mistakes are so considerable.

Difference between the Agreement and Contract Concepts

Formally, the contract is the legally broadest concept including all other versions. However, in international practice the difference between these concepts is insignificant and depends only on the standards of terminology for the specific field of business activity.

The translator can use well-known combinations (Partnership Agreement, Bill of Sale Contract, Employment Agreement, Licensing Contract, etc.) or specify at the customer his preferences.

Features of Agreements and other Legal Documents Translation

The legal translation of agreements, contracts and other related documents has the following features:

  • The ambiguity of formulations, mistakes and typos are unacceptable; the literal or adapted translation is made to the discretion of the customer.
  • Formatting and structure of the text have to be kept similar unless specified.
  • Translation can be issued as the separate document; also the bilingual format can be used.
  • Text style has to be official, without personal and emotionally charged phrases and judgments, legally competent.
  • Terms, reductions, set expressions and other settled word forms have to be uniformed and adapted to features of the target language.
  • In many companies there are «oral contracts» which are registered in the video format.

At the agreements translation it is necessary to pay attention to the spelling of full names, organizational forms, addresses of the parties and figures. The transliteration is carried out according to formal standards, either in coordination with the customer or according to registration documents. Frequently it is required to put the original name in brackets after the translation, it is necessary to coordinate that with the customer. Also full coincidence of proper names is required. When translating figures it is necessary to specify standards of spelling fractions, thousands and other symbols.

Requirements to the Translator

The translation of agreements and other legal documents has to be carried out only by the certified linguists having experience in the legal field. The translation has to be guided by legal translation standards, standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

The Advantages of the TranslatorsAuction Internet-platform

The website represents more than the translators exchange on a competitive basis. It provides the unique opportunity to conduct the ruled auction: preliminary testing, cross assessment by potential authors the works of the other applicants, ranging the results of the tests according to the points gained by "blind" assessment. The conditions allow the customer to choose the option, which is the most suitable for his requirements in compliance with the ratio suggested price – points of the general rating.

Detailed information about the possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».