Banner advertising

Hello, dear colleague. Thank you for your interest in our online platform.
We want to support your project and provide you with free banner advertising on pages of our site with access to your website. This will make your site more recognizable and you will receive an additional audience that can become your users and customers. Banner size: 250×250 pixels, size no more than 40 KB, admissible formats: GIF, JPG, PNG. Instead, we will only ask you to place our text link (direct, open and indexable) on the home page of your trust site. Links between our sites are also available free of charge.
Link sharing is a way to increase the site rating in search engines. In many modern search systems, the number of links to a site significantly affects its position in search results.
The cost of paid accommodation is 100 euros per month.
If you have any questions about advertising and collaboration, please contact us: