Advertisement Translation

Advertisement TranslationAdvertising text represents the information message directed to create an interest of the target audience in a product or service. Advertisement translation has to be competent both from the point of standards of language and marketing positions.

The distinctive feature of the advertisement translation is need of their adaptation to cultural features, mentality and relevant trends for the foreign target audience. To carry out the translation, it is required to have either knowledge of target language or creative potential.

Campaigns for the advance of goods, including the text on brochures, booklets, leaflets, the presentations and messages in media, on the websites, bulletin boards, etc. belong to advertising materials.

The Cases when Advertising Texts Translation is required

Advertising materials translation is necessary at entry of firm into foreign sales markets and for foreign partners and investors. The translation will also be required if the target audience represents migrants from other countries.

                                          Localization and Adaptation of Promotion Materials Translation

Localization of advertising materials translation generally represents the adaptation of the articles content to the mental features, culture preferences, folk customs, psychology and social component for the target audience of the translation. Therefore, for the successful accomplishment of the magazine translation order, the translator has to be qualified in the sphere of marketing, and it is desirable to be the native speaker.

Frequently, the translation differs from the original, part of the information eliminates during the translation. For the maximum increase in efficiency, the translator can independently make the advertising text, relying on the idea of the original, as the main objective of promotional products is to state material intelligibly, reasonably, concisely, briefly and brightly.

For the appropriate choice of translation style, it is necessary to consider the type of promotional products (the banners translation strongly differ from the translation of an article in media) and the advertisement purpose. Localization also means the translation of the text on graphic materials and symbolics.

In case the promoting product or service is mass, at the translation it is necessary to use the general lexicon whereas at highly specialized it is necessary to apply relevant terminology.

Linguistic Features of Advertising Texts Translation

Key linguistic parameter at translating advertisement is the figurativeness and creative approach. For this purpose the following language techniques are used:

  • an associative array at the selection of heading or slogan;
  • polysemy of words or phrases;
  • low-frequent, stylistically and emotionally charged words;
  • idioms and sayings adapted to target language;
  • quotes, abbreviations, repetitions, metaphors, catchphrases, allegories, comparisons, alliterations, etc.;
  • verbal combinations in an imperative mood, adverbs and adjectives, personal and possessive pronouns;
  • nominative sentences;
  • new lexemes consisting of the remade parts of words of the target language.

It isn't welcomed to excessively overloading the text with these means.

Mistakes at the Advertisement Translation

It is necessary to control the semantic component of the translation strictly. Otherwise, the following mistakes are possible:

  • inappropriate tracing-paper from a foreign language;
  • incorrect interpretation of the name of a brand.

For instance, the Clairol company came to grief in the German market at the expense of a double word meaning of Mist («fog» and «manure») included in the slogan for a new line of deodorants.

Requirements to the Translator

The advertisement translation has to be carried out by certified specialists or authors with vast experience in the field of linguistics and marketing. The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

The Advantages of the TranslatorsAuction Internet-platform

The website represents more than the translators exchange on a competitive basis. It provides the unique opportunity to conduct the ruled auction: preliminary testing, cross assessment by potential authors the works of the other applicants, ranging the results of the tests according to the points gained by "blind" assessment. The conditions allow the customer to choose the option, which is the most suitable for his requirements in compliance with the ratio suggested price – points of the general rating.

Detailed information about the possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».