Resume and CV Translation

Resume Translation

The resume contains qualification skills list or biographic report of the applicant and information on his experience in the corresponding field. The resume is the face of the applicant in the view of the potential employer. Resume and CV translations have to be competent both from the point of language standards and economic terminology.

For qualified translation service it is necessary not only to translate the text of the resume but also to adapt its structure to the format accepted in the country of the target language.

The Difference between Resume and CV

CV (Curriculum Vitae, from Latin «Course of Life») represents the biographic report about scientific and practical achievements of the applicant. Unlike the resume, the volume of CV isn't regulated; frequently it is required at professional development or additional education.

The potential employer usually requires the resume. The volume of the resume shouldn't exceed two pages. However, in most cases, these concepts are used as the synonyms meaning the short description of skills, achievements and opportunities of the person. Before the translation, it is necessary to specify what meaning is presented in the order.

In European countries the term «CV» is used, in the USA «resume» is preferable.

The Cases when Resume and CV Translation is required

The qualified translation of the resume is frequently needed at employment or training in the foreign or multinational company. Besides, the foreign language resume is necessary for getting a vacancy on work with international partners. Also, the resume might be required for educational training abroad.

Features of Resume and CV Translation

Elements of the summary and their characteristic can be structured by the principle of the chronology of events or according to scopes of application. Along with essential content distinction, resumes can differ in a form, depending on the identity of the applicant and the area where he intends to occupy a vacancy. For an increase in efficiency of the resume translation, it is necessary to use the accentuating words and expressions allowing presenting the existing advantages in the right light.

The resume or the CV terms using at translating have to be relevant; abbreviations, firms’ and the other organizations’ names have to be converted according to the translation country, linguistics and grammar standards.

Resume or CV Structure

The resume, as a rule, consists of personal and contact information on the applicant, data on his primary education and additional qualifications (in case of existence), experience, skills and opportunities, awards, grants, participation in scientific activities (including publications) and references from the previous place of work.

Mistakes at Resume Translation

  • literal translation of the text without adaptation;
  • ignoring the formatting for the target translation country;
  • lack of the translation and adaptation of addresses and other contact information;
  • incorrect terminology translation;
  • use of inappropriate phrases and pronouns "I";
  • existence of discrepancies and typos

and other mistakes which were made by the customer in the text of the resume and haven't been noticed and corrected by the translator.

Requirements to the Translator

Resume translation doesn’t always require involving certified translators. At the same time, it is highly recommended to entrust such work to the experienced specialist who possesses necessary and sufficient knowledge in the relevant fields and perfect knowledge of the target language. The translation has to be guided by standards for professional translators ISO 17100 and European standard EN 15038.

The Advantages of the TranslatorsAuction Internet-platform

The website represents more than the translators exchange on a competitive basis. It provides the unique opportunity to conduct the ruled auction: preliminary testing, cross assessment by potential authors the works of the other applicants, ranging the results of the tests according to the points gained by "blind" assessment. The conditions allow the customer to choose the option, which is the most suitable for his requirements in compliance with the ratio suggested price – points of the general rating.

Detailed information about a possibility of the choice of the translator and the publication of the order you can read on pages «How to Choose the Translator» and «How to Place the Order».