Translation of technical documentation is one of the most difficult types of translation work. It requires not only a perfect knowledge of the general norms and rules of foreign languages, but also an understanding of the specifics of highly specialized technical documents. To produce a high-quality translation of technical documentation into English or Spanish, the translator must have a specialized technical education and also be an expert in philology and foreign languages. That is why it can be difficult to find the right translator when you need such a translation urgently.

Special features of translation of technical documentation

An important feature of a translation of technical texts is its style, which must present the material accurately and clearly. A technical translation should contain a minimum of expressive elements that impart emotional color to the text. Such texts have practically no metaphors, figurative expressions, or metonymic transpositions. The critical elements here are quality and the ability to accurately convey the meaning of the original text, preserving all its existing details.

Other features of a translation of technical documentation that are worth highlighting include:

  1. They are saturated with special terminology.
  2. They often contain formulas and large data sets.
  3. The lexical and grammatical constructs are stable.
  4. There are strict rules for translating set expressions.
  5. Similar speech structures in the source text differ from how they are used in the translation.
  6. The frequency of the use of certain parts of speech is different.
  7. Units of measurement must be converted correctly. 

Broadly speaking, translation of technical documentation focuses on any technical and scientific documents that have practical application. For example, engineering and construction documents, instructions for electronics or construction machinery, manuals, drawings, patents, and other textual materials. This kind of translation is especially in demand in the sciences, business, education, and other activities linked to the accurate transmission of information.

Any translation agency must always pay special attention to technical documentation. This is the main type of translation for some companies, because most large clients specifically entrust technical translation to professional translation agencies. Such agencies often charge very high prices for technical translation. Translators Auction offers you a way out of this situation. We have developed a unique and proven mechanism for finding the best technical translator at the lowest prices. You can see how it works in the picture below:

Translation of technical documentation

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Difficulties related to the translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation into Russian or English can be fraught with a lot of difficulties. These challenges may relate to both the general requirements for the translation of technical texts and the specific features of the documents being translated. One complication is that various languages have many terms that do not have direct analogues in other languages. But if the source text is translated too loosely, its meaning may be significantly distorted, which is unacceptable in this type of work.

It is important to remember that the same term can have different meanings in different fields of science and technology. A prime example of this is the English word “engine”. Depending on the context, the correct Russian translation could be any one of a dozen different words: “machine”, “engine”, “locomotive”, “tool”, “means”, etc. The same is true regarding the word “pin”, “oil”, “light”, and many others. As a result, the translator must always carefully delve into a document’s context, accounting for every detail in the translation.

During translation of technical documentation, it is universally necessary to remember to adhere to national and international standards. You can find a long list of such standards on Wikipedia or the websites of specialized government agencies. Translation customers are often technical committees, expert institutes, standardization agencies, and other specialized organizations. These standards are preeminent in their activities, so the translator must be familiar with them.

Where to get translation of technical documentation?

To create a translation of technical documents, a translator must have qualifications beyond merely possessing knowledge of a foreign language. Only an engineer can competently translate construction documentation. Only a physicist can properly perform a scientific translation related to physics. Medical documentation must be translated by a doctor, etc. All this means that technical translations demand a higher technical education that allow the translator to dive deep into the substance of the document being translated.

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There are two ways to search the site:

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