#972848794. Tanja Partanen translator and interpreter.

Tanja Partanen
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Local time: 20:58 (GMT+0)
Native languages: Finnish

Finnish, English, IT, Software, Technology, Travel, Beauty, Cosmetics, E-commerce, Website, Product information, Marketing, emails

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Registered on: 19 of April 2020 г.; Last update: 12 of June 2020 г.
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  1. Finnish » English
  2. English » Finnish
General information

Most of my translations work has been done under non-discloser agreement for bigger IT and finance companies. Due I wont be able to display my biggest translations work under work experience.


I am a native Finnish and I have a high level of fluency in English. As working part of larger companies and clients, part of my work has always been translating documents. These have been including research, web pages, product information, sale pitches and legal documentation. Have been freelancing on translations as often I have been able. Most of my translations work has been done under non-discloser agreement.

I have strong background in Customer Management/Support and have worked with many ICT projects. I have years of experience of planning induction and providing training and development for new and existing staff members. I feel passionate about developing new skills and requiring new knowledge. I purposely chose opportunities that force me out of my comfort zone.