#884270732. Sergey Krygin translator and interpreter.

Sergey Krygin
Male Sex
Translator Membership type
Kazakhstan Country
Local time: 16:33 (GMT+6)
Native languages: Kazakh, Russian

Translation Agency "Mankent", LLP

Contact information
Company name: Translation Agency "Mankent", LLP
Phone: 8(727)2220638, Mobile phone: 8(702)9859924
Skype: mankent_loc
Registered on: 2 of April 2020 г.; Last update: 24 of May 2021 г.
Language pairs
  1. English » Kazakh
  2. English » Kirghiz
  3. English » Russian
  4. English » Tajik
  5. English » Uzbek
  6. French » Russian
  7. Russian » English
  8. English » Ukrainian
General information

We are a small translation agency located in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty. English/German/French-to-Kazakh is our main language pair. However we also translate from/into Tajik, Kyrgyz, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Uzbek and Russian. The company engages 20 in-house English-to-Kazakh, 5 English-to-Russian translators and a lot of carefully selected freelancers. To learn more about us please visit: www.mankent.kz. Our daily turnaround is over 20.000 words. We can easily translate one million words within a month.

Our company established in 2010. At that point we got a huge project running about several million words and covered it within 6 months (we still work on this project). Several months ago we also participated in the Localization of Microsoft Winlive with total volume of 500.000 words (we are still working on this project as well). At the beginning of this year we also took part in the huge translation projects majoring on translation of DePuy and Philips Computer Tomograph products manuals (over 400.000 weighted words). We're also working on a huge medical project with volume over 3 million words. From the last year we had had a lot of experience in various domains such as Medical, Legal, IT, Home appliances, Military and many others. We are open to any kind of tests.

We usually prefer to work in Trados Studio (all versions). However, we work in a lot of CAT tools such as SDLX, Felix editor, Helium, Loc Studio, Transit, Wordfast, Translation Workspace, Across, MemoQ, Wordfast and many others.