#864671353. zhanna puris translator and interpreter.

zhanna puris
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Local time: 08:54 (GMT+1)
Native languages: Russian, Italian

translation, food, tourism, pharmaceutical, gynecology, wine, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian, English.

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Registered on: 10 of June 2019 г.; Last update: 10 of June 2019 г.
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  1. English » Italian
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  3. English » Russian
  4. Russian » Italian
  5. Ukrainian » Italian
  6. English » Ukrainian
General information

After many years of unconditional love for languages, I've managed to convert the passion into the profession (translator and interpreter). It has cost my commitment and well used time, thanks to this last, I've acquired a huge amount of quality knowledge. The perfect professionalism in this job requires a scrupulous and attentive way of learning especially not in only one subject, instead, in many different of that. Thanks to my University ("Università per mediatori linguistici e culturali di Perugia"), I've acquired a good theoretical base.


I dedicate my self to the autonomous or employed professional activity, within the international relationships near firms, public institutions, non-government organizations and national and international corporate body, public and private bodies. During my training course, I have acquired such essential knowledge that guarantees my professional competences, based on solid theoretical knowledge, such to be able to face with success the world of the job.