#839104537. smailwisin Ismail translator and interpreter.

smailwisin Ismail
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Morocco Country
Local time: 07:25 (GMT+1)
Native languages: Arabic, English

Arabic, English, translator, transcriber

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Company name: Freelancer
Phone: +212767525526, Mobile phone: +212 767525526
Skype: smailwisin1
Social networks: LinkedIn.com
Registered on: 7 of April 2020 г.; Last update: 25 of January 2023 г.
Language pairs
  1. Arabic » English
  2. Arabic » French
  3. English » Arabic
General information

Ismail Bahallou from Morocco. He is a professional CAT Tools "Computer-Aided Translation" tools translator and a member of the International Union of Languages and Translation organization. He is a graduate researcher in English linguistics with a major in translation at graduation. Furthermore, he has taught Moroccan Arabic and culture for several years with the US Peace Corps Morocco. The translator BAHALLOU is an excellent Arabic and English audio and video transcriber/ subtitler and is proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ismail is a certified Global Translator Community member of Coursera. BAHALLOU is also a native speaker of Tashelheit, Moroccan Arabic (Darija), and Morocco's central Tamazight.