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Marika Spirito
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Native languages: Italian

My favourite fields are: Translation and Interpreter services and Project Management. I am positive, my passion and dedication are the roots of my success. I graduated in "Language Mediation Sciences" at the University of Macerata, in Italy and I studied English, Chinese , Spanish and French. I am sure my excellent communication skills and my natural inclination to accuracy and diligence can really make the difference for each fascinating work-experience. In every detail my number one goal is to exceed expectations. As regards translation, I work as a freelance for four years focusing my work on the fields(tourism, technical, commercial, academic and birth certificates - some of which are related to my professional background and some to my personal interests) as well as carrying out voluntary translation for a number of organisations. With regards to interpreting, I worked during my school period as an Interpreter and tour guide for Erasmus students visiting Campobasso, my hometown . Elsewhere my experience includes language tuition of English, French and Spanish, language project coordination and languages courses that I attended in UK and Spain. I have a strong academic and professional track record thanks to a driven, conscientious and highly professional approach. My pair languages are EN-ITA, SPA-ITA, FR-ITA, CHINESE-ITA,ITA-ENG,ITA-SPA,ITA-FR,FR-ENG,ENG-FR,SPA-ENG,ENG-SPA.

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Registered on: 23 of March 2020 г.; Last update: 24 of October 2020 г.
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