#613045804. MA Jonis Buzi translator and interpreter.

MA Jonis Buzi
Male Sex
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Albania Country
Local time: 17:54 (GMT+2)
Native languages: Albanian

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Registered on: 14 of November 2018 г.; Last update: 3 of February 2020 г.
Language pairs
  1. English » Albanian
  2. Albanian » English
  3. Romanian » Albanian
  4. French » Albanian
  5. Italian » Albanian
General information

How much is your reputation worth?


You have worked hard to prepare the document you want to get translated or reviewed, and it is about the time to assign it to a translator. You know you can't get a second chance to make a first impression; nor can you reclaim your reputation after it has been lost. And this is where my services come into play!


Why establish a long-term business partnership with me?

Simple! Because I use my experience, talent, encyclopedic knowledge, and expertise to make sure you get prompt, professional, and high quality service so that you:

  • make a great first impression on your clients/audience;
  • preserve and further grow your reputation which you have worked so hard to build;
  • meet your business targets within the set deadlines as there will be no delays on my side;
  • save your precious time and energy which you can use on other important tasks.

Professional services I provide:

  • English-Albanian translation.
  • English-Albanian editing. When acting as English-Albanian editor, my goal is to check the target text against the source text to make sure the meaning has been conveyed properly, and that there are no unnecessary omissions or additions.
  • Albanian monolingual proofreading. My duty as Albanian proofreader is to make sure your text is free of any typos, reads well in Albanian, and captivates the Albanian audience.
  • And a few more.


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