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Donatella Manzuoli
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Registered on: 9 of September 2019 г.; Last update: 9 of September 2019 г.
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​my name is Donatella Manzuoli, I am an Italian teacher, I teach English to Italian students of Junior High school in Italy. In the past I effected translations from and towards English and French and my previous job was Executive Secretary in a manufacturing import-export company of my town: this was my job for 20 years approximately.


I got my degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures in 1988 with the score of 110 e lode. I got a CPE (Proficiency) certificate in 2016 through Cambridge Institute. I offer my services as translator from English/French into Italian or from English into French and viceversa; I am open to any other operative necessity you might need as far as foreign languages (English and French) are concerned. My native language is Italian.