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Paul Warambo
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Native languages: Swahili

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Registered on: 9 of July 2019 г.; Last update: 9 of July 2019 г.
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Warambo, is currently a lead translation expert in Kenya and East Africa. Warambo has been translating from English to Kiswahili  and Dholuo for more than 12 years (6years a freelancer and 6 years with Translators without Borders). Warambo who holds a masters degree in Kiswahili and Translation Studies from the University of Nairobi has a very outstanding translation profile. He has a wide experience in translating IT, techinical documents, medical, humanitarian, political, science and technology, business and legal documents for Constitutional Implementation Commision, Kenya National Human Rights Commission, World Vision, UNHCR among others. Warambo has also translated survey tools and Apps for KESWA, Folio, ICAP, Population Council of Kenya Online and Other international agencies. Warambo, is a translation expert who is a member of ProZ.com, a community of professional translators across the world and East Africa Interpreters and Translators Association. In addition to being a PhD student Warambo has published translation-related articles in International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. The current short story anthology text that is used a setbook in teacher training colleges in Kenya has been translated by Warambo and published by East African Educational Publishers in a collection titled "Vazi la Mhudumu na Hadithi Nyingine".

Warambo is also a translation trainer who trains translation students in practical translations locally and internationally. He has trained 300 translators in Kenya and 58 internationally.