#517311296. Ina Maertens translator and interpreter.

Ina Maertens
Female Sex
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Czech Republic Country
Local time: 04:45 (GMT+1)
Native languages: Russian, Czech

Czech, Russian, English, conference interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, certified translation, financial translation, banking, cryptoassets, cryptocurrencies, legal translations, contracts, court, dispute resolution, medical translation, pharmaceuticals, dossier, clinical trials, Prague, Czech Republic

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Registered on: 29 of December 2018 г.; Last update: 29 of December 2018 г.
Language pairs
  1. Russian » Czech
  2. Russian » English
  3. Czech » Russian
  4. English » Russian
  5. Czech » English
  6. English » Czech
General information

certified translator and conference interpreter of English, Czech, Russian, based in the Czech Republic