#475836864. Александра Бурковская translator and interpreter.

Александра Бурковская
Female Sex
Translator Membership type
Italy Country
Local time: 10:04 (GMT+2)
Native languages: Ukrainian, Russian

Contact information
Registered on: 27 of May 2020 г.; Last update: 6 of June 2020 г.
Language pairs
  1. Russian » English
  2. English » Russian
  3. English » Ukrainian
  4. Ukrainian » English
  5. Ukrainian » Russian
  6. Russian » Ukrainian
General information

I have experience of doing the professional translation from Russian/Ukrainian to English and vice versa in such spheres as electronics, technology, official documentation, culinary area etc. on the website kabanchik.ua and the customers have always been satisfied with my work. 


I have also graduated from the international British School in New Delhi, which teaches all its subjects in English and I am currently studying an English course in the Italian university. 


I am professional, responsible, good at following orders or responding to critics if I make some mistakes and I am willingful to correct them!