#299613192. Gabriella Andras translator and interpreter.

Gabriella Andras
Female Sex
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USA Country
Local time: 07:04 (GMT-6)
Native languages: Hungarian, Romanian

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Registered on: 21 of May 2019 г.; Last update: 21 of May 2019 г.
Language pairs
  1. English » Hungarian
  2. English » Romanian
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Gabriella Andras-Freelance translator: Hungarian, Romanian, and English or any combination of these three languages.



Besides a 28 year translating and interpreting practice/experience in Hungarian and Romanian (native level speaking and comprehension) I have an 18 years' experience in the Financial Services Industry. What I offer to every client is unique: talent, experience, knowledge, and passion. Also, my ethics standards, punctuality, and dedication are extremely high.