#246547906. Amir Akbarpour Reihani translator and interpreter.

Amir Akbarpour Reihani
Male Sex
Translator Membership type
Iran Country
Local time: 11:19 (GMT+4)
Native languages: English, Turkish

English, Persian, Farsi, General, Legal, Medical, Technical, software, localization, computers, technology, website

Contact information
Phone: +989141261137
Registered on: 26 of March 2020 г.; Last update: 15 of January 2023 г.
Language pairs
  1. English » Farsi (Persian)
  2. English » Persian (Farsi)
  3. Farsi (Persian) » English
  4. Persian (Farsi) » English
General information

As a motivated, professional translator, I'm at your service to provide the best translation for your documents by focusing on meeting deadlines and observing writing principles and correct grammar as natural for natives. I hope you trust me as much as I'm proud of offering my service to you.