#243750027. Aline Chauvier translator and interpreter.

Aline Chauvier
Female Sex
Translator Membership type
Norway Country
Local time: 11:38 (GMT+1)
Native languages: French

computers, technology, software, localization, marketing, editing, writing, translation, transcreation, russian, norwegian, nynorsk, bokmål, english, french, spanish, dutch, medical, Specialized & General Multilingual Translation, medical, literary, scientific, legal & localization

Contact information
Company name: Tra.No
Phone: +4794115408, Mobile phone: +4794115408
Skype: alinepauline
Social networks: facebook.com, LinkedIn.com
Registered on: 6 of May 2020 г.; Last update: 6 of May 2020 г.
Language pairs
  1. French » English
  2. English » French
  3. Russian » French
  4. Russian » English
  5. Spanish » French
  6. Dutch » French
  7. Norwegian » English
  8. Norwegian » French
General information

12 years of high quality juridical Translation with private clients, Belgian State Bodies & Courts, 3 years of highly-proficient Multilingual Education for students of all ages with renown Institutes such as Institut Fernand Cocq of Ixelles (Belgium), 6 years of fruitful Leadership in Norway with reputed Food & Petrol Station Companies including God Lunsj Kafe & Pizzeria & YX/Lustraporten, 12 years of inspirational Creative Writing & Blogging, 3 years of dedicated, active & high-potential ongoing Researching on Multilingualism for Peace with Tra.No - Be a Mouvement.



I offer multilingual services as followed:


- Specialized & General Multilingual Translation: inter alia medical, literary, scientific, legal & localization

from French, Russian, English, Norwegian (Bokmål & Nynorsk), Spanish & Dutch (as source languages) into French & English (as target languages),

as well as Proofreading, Editing & Writing services in French & English. - Multilingual (Self-directed) Education GuidanceResearch on Multilingualism for Peace - Art in all its forms - Wellbeing through Meditation, Sport, Better Sleep & a Healthy Diet