#184512749. Alexander Bortnyk translator and interpreter.

Alexander Bortnyk
Male Sex
Translator Membership type
Greece Country
Local time: 23:48 (GMT+2)
Native languages: English, Ukrainian

Contact information
Registered on: 2 of April 2018 г.; Last update: 13 of January 2021 г.
Language pairs
  1. Russian » English
  2. Ukrainian » English
  3. Greek » English
General information

My name is Alex, I have been studied in a british school for 12 years and have English as a first language.I had about half a year of translation experience in 2018 but dropped it to focus on education. I speak Rusian, Ukrianian and Greek fluently but have little experience with these keyboards therefore only translate from these languages rather than into them. Always willing to work, for less than standard wage.