#183307715. Marco M RUZZIN RUZZIN translator and interpreter.

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Italy Country
Local time: 06:44 (GMT+2)
Native languages: Italian
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Registered on: 14 of May 2020 г.; Last update: 8 of February 2022 г.
Language pairs
  1. English » Italian
  2. French » Italian
  3. German » Italian
  4. Spanish » Italian
  5. Portuguese » Italian
General information

Date of birth: 22.9.44. Degree in Mechanical Engineering achieved by Polytechnics of Milan in 1969. He lived for a wide part of his life in contact with pilots, airports and aircrafts, as his father was a military pilot officer. Further I hve attended for five years the courses of  Oxford School of Milan (Pitman proficiency II- 1972) (known since 45 years) for the English language and three years of course for German language (known since 40 years) (European School and Philological Circle of Milan) - Goethe Zertifikat lev. B1(2011);  Course of 3 years in Brazilian Centrum in Milan (known since 25 years).  Spanish known from over 50 years. French known since 1971 (1 year of pratice in an office with bussiness relations  with French conmpanies . Course of 3 years in Brazilian Centrum in Milan (known since 25 years). Spanish known from over 50 years. He has worked as professional man in technical translations for many Companies of Milan Hinterland and also for other Companies located abroad