Order #357. Technical machine descprition

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This is a 4472 words technical description that needs to be translated from German to English, keeping same formatting, using proper english grammar and technically correct vocabulary.
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German => English
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Written translation
Information science and systems
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Current order
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11.12.2018 17:00
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15.12.2018 17:00
Deadline for order to be paid:
16.12.2018 17:00
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No more than 85.00 EUR per order
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All translators
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232 Words
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11.12.2018 17:00
End of test translation:
12.12.2018 17:00
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Start test checking:
12.12.2018 17:00
End test checking and application submission:
13.12.2018 17:00
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14.12.2018 17:00
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