#930357718. Chiara Benedetta Condorelli translator and interpreter.

Chiara Benedetta Condorelli
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Native languages: Italian

Italian, English, general, translation, editing, communication, content writing, writing, revision, ghostwriting

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Registered on: 2 of April 2020 г.; Last update: 5 of February 2021 г.
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  1. English » Italian
  2. Italian » English
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Do you want me to make any of your English works "speak" Italian (or to make any of your Italian works "speak" English)? Here I am!

Now I will list the reasons why you should hire me (well, at least when it comes to the language pairings Italian-English and English-Italian).

1) I'm an Italian native speaker that enjoys communicating in English.

2) I have a Master's Degree in Linguistics (the subjects included "Translation - Theory and Practice" for both Italian and English) and a C.A.E. issued by Cambridge University. I have other linguistic qualifications, but these are the most important.

3) I write books both in Italian and English; you can check them out on Amazon. I regularly write on Facebook and LinkedIn, mostly in English. I'm also a freelance content writer that writes both in Italian and English.

4) I have been writing and translating (well, "ghost writing and translating", so I sign lots of NDAs) since 2004. Recently, I translated the texts from Italian to English for two fanmade video games and a CV (or résumé, if you prefer this denomination) from Italian to English. If you want me to take any tests to verify my skills, I'll take them, as long as they're paid.

5) I pride myself on my language AND customer service skills. I say no to machine translation and yes to a personalised service.

Bottom line, if you want your works to be read by an Italian audience (or vice versa), give me a shout.

You won't regret it. ;)