#737100718. Conrad Pinder Hinds translator and interpreter.

Conrad Pinder Hinds
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Costa Rica Country
Local time: 02:37 (GMT-6)
Native languages: Spanish

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Registered on: 24 of June 2020 г.; Last update: 24 of June 2020 г.
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  1. English » Spanish
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Hello, my name is Conrad Pinder HInds, I'm 49 years old, born in Panama, in 2008 I moved to Costa Rica and got married to Luz, my beautiful wife, we have 2 children: Leroy (4 ) and Matt (1).

I've been a Translator and an Interpreter for more than 30 years (1987); I'm an active Translator on Missions since 1992-present; a former Translator and Interpreter in Central and South America for Latin American Missions from 1993-2018; former Translator, Interpreter and English Teacher at The Bible School of the Americas (Escuela Bíblica de las Americas - EBA) in Jardín Mañanitas, Panama from 1998-2008; former Translator and Interpreter at The Bible School of the Americas - EBA in Lima, Peru from 2005-2007; guest Translator, Interpreter, and Teacher at The Latin American Theological Institute (Instituto Teológico Latinoamericano - ITL) in Mizco, Guatemala from 2009-present, Translator and Interpreter on Mission Campaigns throughout Costa Rica from 1999-Present; I'm an active Freelance Translator & Interpreter since October 2019-present.