#624173338. Myriam Ouellet MyriamO translator and interpreter.

Myriam Ouellet MyriamO
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Local time: 06:28 (GMT-5)
Native languages: French

science, environment, french canadian, canadian french, patent, medical, petrochemistry, technical, wastewater, water treatment, vulgarization

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Company name: Myriam Ouellet
Phone: 5144626942
Social networks: LinkedIn.com
Registered on: 4 of October 2020 г.; Last update: 30 of November 2020 г.
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  1. English » French
General information

I'm a translator from Montreal, Canada. My language pair is from English into French. Supported by a practical expertise in water treatment, I offer scientific and technical translation solutions to help people reach French-speaking audience in a fast, concrete and accessible manner.