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Courtroom Deposition
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Responsive / Correct Polite expression in JP/ Classic Japanese Depositions / Agreement / Human Resources / Computer Security / Private Policies

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Registered on: 15 of August 2019 г.; Last update: 26 of October 2019 г.
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FREELANCE TRANSLATOR - Deposition Transcription Translation ENGLISH into JAPANESE




We at Hinemosu Translation LLC, opened "deposition translation room" specialized in Deposition translation from English into Japanese.

We set a new (lower) price for the court report translation at $0.09 per source English word.


We are famous for the quality and speed.

We have rich experience in many deposition translations including competition law related suits both in U.S. and Europe.


Should you have any chance, please kindly contact to us!


or +81-80-7332-4463.


We reside in Japan but work in U.S. time too!

As our company name Hinemosu (means "all day long") represents, we open longer hours and even during weekends and holidays.


Please send over your source file, and

We will get back to you in half an hour with fixed price and delivery date/time info.


Should you need our signature on your (or our) non-disclosure agreement please let us know, we will send it over asap.

Not to say, we can sign Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

and if necessary, we will include Translation Certificate in our delivery.


Looking forward to working for you,



Court Report Room,

Hinemosu Translation LLC