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Francesco Ruggiero Fran Editor
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Registered on: 2 of April 2020 г.; Last update: 15 of April 2020 г.
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I'm a lawyer.

  On July 31, 2014, I had to provide for my cancellation from the Order of Lawyers, following a health problem, now overcome; therefore, I am currently available 24h / 24.


  I have excellent language skills, both in Italian and in English,

and I propose myself as translator (Eng->Ita) / editor / web writer / proofreader / ghostwriter / transcriber.


  I can do any type of writing, and I'm available for every literary genre:

legal, scientific, historical, novel, biography, thriller, technical manuals, announcements, and so on.

  I am quick, punctual, available and accurate (my text will be definitive, it won't need any editing).


  I have already practiced the proofreader and translator professions for  Endovet, a group of Freelance Veterinary Physicians ( well as for the following websites:

finally, for the writers Daniele Vita, Gabriel Naticchioni, Jose Robles Rubio and Francesco Battistin.


  In the "Portfolio" section of my website, You'll be able to find some examples of my work.



I'm sending You my résumé.


  Thank You for Your time and consideration.


  Kind regards, 

  Francesco Ruggiero.