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Vikash Makkar
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Native languages: Hindi

English to Hindi translation, Hindi linguist, Indian language, Hindi translation, Hindi native translator,

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Company name: Vikash Makkar
Phone: +919818868890, Mobile phone: +919818868890
Skype: vikash.makkar
Social networks: facebook.com,
Registered on: 30 of July 2019 г.; Last update: 3 of April 2021 г.
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  1. English » Hindi
General information

Hi I am an Indian native who studied journalism from India's one of the reputed university. I am well versed in Hindi writing like news blogs articles on many niches apart from that I keep good knowledge about digital ad media and have good hold in it. I am doing English to Hindi translation for last 5 years and have good client base worldwide. Apart from this you can also come to me if you need any other Indian language translation service like Marathi language, Punjabi language, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Assamese and any other Indian language. I have a team I can get it done your work smoothly. Thanks