#388164342. Erica Almaguer translator and interpreter.

Erica Almaguer
Female Sex
Translator Membership type
Mexico Country
Local time: 14:08 (GMT-5)
Native languages: Spanish, English

Spanish, English, legal, certified translations, birth certificate, death certificate, academic translations, apostille translation, general translation, culinary, health

Contact information
Company name: Erica Almaguer
Phone: +523319870159, Mobile phone: +523319870159
Skype: ericaalmaguer@hotmail.com
Registered on: 21 of April 2020 г.; Last update: 15 of June 2020 г.
Language pairs
  1. English » Spanish
  2. Spanish » English
General information

I am fully bilingual, Spanish and English.   Certified Translator authorized by the Judiciary Council of the State of Jalisco

Certified Translator authorized by the Civil Registry of the city of Guadalajara