#342547731. Shana Heslin translator and interpreter.

Shana Heslin
Female Sex
Translator Membership type
New Zealand Country
Local time: 09:44 (GMT+12)
Native languages: English

French, Spanish, English, translation, qualified, professional, translator, certified, education, linguistics, languages

Contact information
Company name: Word Mastery
Mobile phone: +64 204 1567 397
Social networks: facebook.com, LinkedIn.com
Registered on: 8 of September 2020 г.; Last update: 12 of September 2020 г.
Language pairs
  1. French » English
  2. Spanish » English
General information

I am a qualified and certified translator of French/Spanish to English from Australia, now living in New Zealand. I am a professional member of AUSIT and NZSTI.


I love everything related to languages and linguistics and I am a passionate educator. My experience as an ESL teacher has shaped and informed my fascination for training and education.