#233759474. Katharina Reulecke translator and interpreter.

Katharina Reulecke
Female Sex
Translator Membership type
Germany Country
Local time: 02:59 (GMT+2)
Native languages: German

Interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreting, sworn interpreting, sworn translation, certified interpreting, certified translation, whispered interpreting, business interpreting, medical interpreting, medical translation, remote interpreting, consecutive interpreting, business interpreting, escort interpreting, relais interpreting

Contact information
Phone: +49 (0)30 23 53 34 07, Mobile phone: +49 (0)152 53 55 80 15
Skype: katharina.reulecke
Registered on: 3 of March 2020 г.; Last update: 24 of July 2020 г.
Language pairs
  1. German » English
  2. English » German
General information

MA conference interpreter, organisation, consulting, multilingual interpreting teams, conference equipment.


As a German conference interpreter for the German and English language with a Master's degree from the UK, I am able to translate adequately into both languages. Having trained at the renowned SDI Munich Insitute for Languages and Interpreting as an interpreter and translator in the fields of medicine/science and engineering, I am able to translate technical terms in these fields adequately into both languages.


I offer all types of interpreting: simultaneous interpreting for conferences, consecutive interpreting for business meetings, escort interpreting for business trips and excursions or remote interpreting and also whispering interpreting.


I am an authorised translator and certified interpreter for the Berlin courts and notaries and a member of the German professional associations VKD and BDÜ.


I am looking forward to your request!