#192130180. Marc Vansteenberge Marc translator and interpreter.

Marc Vansteenberge Marc
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Thailand Country
Local time: 17:50 (GMT+7)
Native languages: French

Master Degree in translation, translation, Dutch, English, French

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Registered on: 1 of July 2019 г.; Last update: 1 of July 2019 г.
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  1. Dutch » French
  2. English » French
General information

Native French speaker, fluent in English and Dutch, I hold of a Master's degree in translation from ISTI in the Brussels University.


I have a well-built experience in translation, proofreading, editing and creative writing, and some valuable years of stimulating teaching responsibilities in the Language Institute of our University.



I am since 2003 a professional self-employed translator, proofreader and editor with a varied portfolio in two language combinations: English and Dutch into French (mother tongue).


During all those years, I teamed up with diverse local and international individuals and agencies, on numerous confidential projects or oral assignments, tackling various technical and general fields,

managing workflow and priorities, and abiding tight and urgent time limits effectively.